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In Good Company

Naturally, we're not the only ones who dig it down here. Good news is there’s plenty of the good life to go around, and we've enlisted a few friends to bring you more of what makes it so great.


Enjoy it during your stay and if you love it, buy it and bring it home.

Nothing beats a day in Rockport with family and friends…except a day when you’ve got great music everyone can hear. To make those days possible, our friends at Turtlebox supplied every room with a Reel ‘em Inn Turtlebox speaker. Their mission is to make the loudest, most rugged, portable speaker in the market that is specifically built for the outdoors. 


We love their mission and their products. We decided to carry a few so you can enjoy them, too.

We discovered Toadfish, a boutique merchandise and mission-driven company based in South Carolina, during one of our early trips down here. Toadfish believes water quality is the most important environmental issue of our time. With a population increase along the coast of 40% over the last 30 years, resources and habitats are strained. To help, Toadfish has planted 280,000 square feet of filter-feeding oyster beds to help clean coastal waters and ensure species thrive.

Duck Camp

Get your Rockport Duck Camp Hoodie — perfect for your stay at Reel ‘em Inn. Text us for purchase details!

Don’t let their name fool you—this Austin-based company has something for everyone who loves the coastal lifestyle. As a brand that seeks to understand the modern outdoorsman and woman, Duck Camp is devoted to creating premium outdoor gear that will withstand the test of time out in the field, on the water, in the duck blind, or around town. We appreciate the quality of their products and know our missions align.

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